Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting

Horse betting is vastly popular gamble in Singapore and casino in Malaysia. Bettors aren’t only excited about the race itself but also indulged in placing large bets to spice everything up.

Despite of how well-known horse betting is, many still lose a lot of money simply because the don’t know how to really wager and what things they should consider before laying down their money on the line.

Here are some points you should take note of to have better odds in winning horse betting:


It is important for bettors, especially the rookies to check racecards. This brochure contains race breakdowns and details of the horses from previous races. It also shows past races’ conditions, distance and finishing positions which will be helpful for bettors to analyze everything in the competition.


Knowing every horse isn’t enough to get better chances of winning, one should learn about the jockeys who control horses as well. The race may be about horses, but remember that jockeys are responsible for bringing out the best out of these horses.


If you think that race track positions don’t matter, then you’re wrong and you’re not ready yet for horse betting. Positions that are less likely to get pinned or compressed is a good lane, and one should keep that in mind when they are choosing which horse to bet on. Being driven into a corner will bring disadvantage to any horse, hence a greater chance of losing.

Things in the list above are just few of other factors aside speed that can influence a horse race and the betting alongside it. Not everything relies on speed and horse betting will prove you that. The thrill of horse racing truly rises when wagers are placed on top of it, but before you give into the irresistible gamble, make sure to do some research first. Your winning isn’t defined by luck or horse’s speed. Don’t lose like anybody else and only bet on trusted online casino in Malaysia or Singapore.

If you want to know why more people aren’t winning at horse betting, read theseinfographic below from CM2 BET.

Why More People Aren’t Winning at Horse Betting