What Makes the Bets So interesting for You


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In this new advice article for better 스포츠 사이트 betting, we will see together the types of sports bets that we recommend you favor (those that we consider the most profitable) and on the contrary, the types of bets that we advise you to avoid (those which we consider unprofitable but also too risky).

Bets to avoid and favor

Which sports bets should be favored to win more often?

The best option

It is strongly advised to play most of your bets in “single” . In other words, we recommend that you place your bets on only one match at a time and avoid the combined as much as possible.

For example, we judge that a rating equal to or greater than at 1.60 is already high enough to try it in “single”. If you want to combine it to inflate the odds, it is to take the risk of winning more than once but it is also to take the risk of losing everything. We are sure that you too have already lost a combined 3-4 games because of only 1 game (and often because of the lowest odd). It is very frustrating and very often we regret having combined so many matches. Do not make this mistake, play simple and it will get much better.

However, making handsets is not a bad thing. If you choose this type of bet, we recommend that you only combine a maximum of 2 games (or 2 odds) between them. But again, combining 3 games or more is taking too high a risk to ultimately lose a bet in most cases. Keep in mind that only 5% of gamblers manage to win regular money. Most of the remaining 95% lose because of the big handsets.

The types of bets to favor

We also advise you to favor so-called “classic” bets , that is to say to play on:

  • The outcome: 1, N or 2 / 1N, N2 or 12
  • Handicaps: team 1 wins with 2 or more goals in advance
  • The “over” and “under”: more than 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals for example
  • BTTS: the 2 teams score 

There is enough choice if you opt for this type of betting and the risks are lower than if you try betting types: “more goals in 2nd MT”, “goal between the 15th and 30th minute” or even ” team 1 wins with exactly 2 goals ahead ”.