What happens with a $ 100 bet?


If Manchester United wins, we will lose $ 84 [100 x 1.84 = 84], because we bet against the victory of Manchester United. If Manchester United does not win (i.e. in the event of a tie or defeat), we will win the bet of $ 100 (minus Betfair’s commission) then there are certain options that you will have to consider.

Cash Out on Betfair

The succession of Back and Lay makes it possible to exit its positions and to secure its gains or cut its losses. In order to avoid all mental calculations and get out of positions instantly Betfair offers the Cash Out button which automatically calculates your winnings or losses. In the 먹튀 site you can be sure about the kind of options that you can have. 

Betfair Exchange Cash Out Tokyo Guide

With this option, you can cash in your profits at any time, even before the end of the match regardless of the outcome. The Cash Out option offers to equalize your profits / losses on the different possible outcomes of a market. In this example before the match between Nagoya – FC Tokyo , when the maximum gain is $ 65.14 and the maximum loss of $ 49, it is possible to cash out these gains immediately regardless of the outcome of the match. Here: $ 9.66.

It is also possible to distribute these gains unevenly either manually or through trading software. In the following example, by taking it, the entire capital involved, namely $ 49 at at 1.95. That is to say a price higher than the purchase price, the capital is fully secure so that no loss is possible.

Betfair Exchange Lay Over Guide Securing Your Earnings

You can see that the overall payout now stands at $ 21.62 in the case of Under 2.5 Goals as the maximum profit has been kept on the Under 2.5 . In the event of an Over 2.5 since the capital is already secure, there will be no loss.

Guide Betfair Exchange Gains on Under Tokyo

The Cash Out option has the advantage of distributing the winnings fairly between the Under 2.5 and the Over 2.5. Or a guaranteed gain of $ 10.64, which represents more than 20% gain compared to our starting bet, while the match has not even started yet!

Commissions on Betfair

Each time a bet wins, Betfair takes a certain percentage of commission. It is at this price that the platform is maintained. This commission rate varies from country to country between 5 and 7%, but is only 3% on Betfair White Label. After a certain significant gain threshold, the percentage of commission can be revised upwards by Betfair, this is called Premium Charge.

This new commission rate starts at 20% and can go up to 60%. This is an astronomical figure, which officially aims to partially thwart trading robots. Rest assured there is room before reaching this figure.