Use of Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Games

Technology has a great contribution to our daily lives. Whether it may be through cellphones, computers, and other devices. With these advancements, technology allows people to access information easily. Almost everything can be done online. Online classes, bank transactions, even different online games.

Not a surprise that they have invented the marked cards contact lenses for sale.

What are Marked Cards Contact Lenses?

  -is a special contact lens specifically for playing cards. It is a gaming cheating tool. These marked card contact lenses are unlike normal contact lenses. By wearing the contact lenses, you will be able to see the marks places in the middle of the back of the cards. It will not be seen by the naked eyes.

Alt: marked cards for infrared contact lenses

If you have these contact lenses, you can read the cards you are playing with. It is one of a kind of invisible ink marked cards. It could be seen by either UV invisible ink marked cards contact lenses. As well as, the infrared contact lenses.

Marked card contact lenses have a great help for players in the game that uses cards. It is also used in some magic performances or cheating in other card games. It became well-known with magicians for they use this as their props. Affordable, versatile, and easy to use. If you want to be successful in your gaming career, you need to have these contact lenses.

When you decide to have one, you can tell your seller to match the color with your eyes. There are different types of marked cards.

What are the types of marked cards?

  1. Invisible ink marked cards- it is the most popular type of marked cards with lenses. These are the playing cards that have marked on the back with invisible ink. It is always used to cheat for games or card tricks. Also good whoever shuffles and deals the card.

Usually, there are three manifestations in models on the back of invisible ink cards.

  1. Infrared marked cards-is a kind of magic marked cards that is more practical. Compare to the ordinary marked deck cards. It is a playing card with infrared ink. Infrared marked cards are effective with an IR camera. A normal marked deck of cards is working with infrared contacts. An invisible ink with glasses. It is also used on some magic shows and Television shows.
  2. Barcode marked cards- are commonly used in different game scanning systems. Unlike luminous marked cards which tell you the numbers on the back of playing cards. These cards are processed with barcodes by the sides. It adopts the scanning system in supermarkets. Each card can be identified within 0.1s. Great-quality marked cards can be used for as long as 7-30 days.

Your vision change once you wear the marked cards contact lenses. Everything you see becomes dark purple. However, the invisible markings on game cards are luminous and it is very clear when you see them. Materials being used for marked cards contact lenses are the same as an ordinary lenses. They only need careful treatment.