The Wins You Need to Hold On to the Bets

Even if you’re lucky and your battery wins, you’ll soon find that bookmakers limit their winnings. The winning limit varies from company to company. But let’s work with a hypothetical limit of $ 80,000.

Let’s say you won 12 of 12 bets and you won $ 100,000. But due to the limit, you will not get the full win. In addition, after such a high win, the Bookmaker will limit the total number of bets. Bookmakers don’t love clients who often win.

Even so, situs judi terpercaya bets can sometimes be useful. Let’s say you’ve found some really good bets (we’ll also try to find out which bets are good in this guide). It can really be a good idea to combine these bets and have your winnings multiplied. But this, especially for novice players, is easier said than done. Therefore, one of the most important abilities of every bettor is to be able to recognize advantageous bets.

Live betting

Live betting on football and many other sports has become one of the most popular features of online bookmakers, and its popularity is still growing. The main disadvantage of live betting is that you will not find almost any really advantageous bets here. Bookmakers change odds really fast, so sometimes you only have a few seconds to bet on a good odds. Many professional bettors are also waiting for great odds on live betting, and the odds are changing even faster because of them.


Live betting is a great indication of the control that bookmakers have over players. Due to the popularity of live betting, the number of matches streamed directly on the websites of betting companies is still growing. Customers think that in the course of seeing them live, they have a better chance of betting on the right result.

Another major disadvantage of live betting is that live bets, unlike normal bets placed before a match, are accepted with a certain delay, which can sometimes be up to 10 seconds. Every weekend, about a million bettors shout in disappointment that their bets have been rejected. With live betting, you can forget that you would quickly bet on a goal, red card or other important event, for example – bookmakers automatically block bets after a goal or other important event of the match.

Does this mean that live betting is always a bad choice?

Not always, but in most cases yes. For example, when betting on Asian Handicap or spread betting, you can sometimes come across relatively advantageous bets. But when you consider all the disadvantages of live betting, you will find that it is best to avoid all live betting. Live betting is very popular – but that doesn’t mean it’s really advantageous.