Friday, April 12, 2024

The Tech That Will Help You Succeed Academically

Other than your PCs, your tablets, your e-readers as well as your smart phones, what other types of technologies are available for the modern student? How can they assist with promoting and speed up learning? Below is a list of fairly new innovative developments in student technology, mixing technology and education both in as well as outside of the classroom. 

Internet Homework Assignments

Posting homework assignments online via learning platforms such as Blackboard, Brightspace and Moodle is one way many teachers can start to integrate technology in the classroom. Assignments are easily accessible, which may increase student engagement and assist students become more organised.

Smart Pens

A simple yet nevertheless impressive blending of tech and education, the smart pen is a pen which allows you to record all your notes digitally from classes and lectures via smart software which digitalises your written text. The sensitive microphone records audio. Once uploaded, smart pen programs – such as the Livescribe Echo Smartpen – will give you the opportunity to mark any point in your digitalised text and play the audio that coincides with the time that you wrote the note.

After you use it, the smart pen’s software gives you the opportunity to upload your recordings and notes onto computer programs such as Evernote or Google Docs. So if you’re utilising the smart pen just to record a lecture, or journalism or business students utilising the device during a field trip or conference, Livescribe is the digital native’s way of making sure that they keep on top of academic notes.

Online Grading Systems

Communication is a main element in education that assists teachers, administrators, parents and students recognise a student’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. Online grading systems – such as PowerSchool – open and enable lines of communication where teachers would be able to post grades, analyse student attendance patterns, and manage transcript data.

Digital Textbooks

As the tablet and the e-reader become more and more popular and conventional student technologies, so too do digital textbooks. And with the digital versions being as easy to use as claiming an online casino sign up bonus, when given the choice between heaving around the entire works of Shakespeare or having them all accessible on one e-reader, it’s quite easy to see why the acceptance of digital textbooks is rising.

Not only do digital textbooks weigh significantly less than just one printed textbook, there’s also the additional bonus that digital textbooks cost approximately 40% less than printed textbooks. Blending technology and education doesn’t always ned to be expensive. Chegg is a very useful student resource for looking for cheaper digital textbooks together with providing homework assistance and internship opportunities.

At a number of universities, this student technology has been utilised to digitalise course materials, so allowing students to interact more with their learning and activities via class collaboration and customisation.


Kahoot! is a handy device that students can utilise in order to create in-class questionnaires and quizzes. This is convenient for obtaining data for graphing assignments, data for research essays as well as feedback from their classmates. Kahoot! is compatible with a number of different devices and has a game-like feel that will help with keeping students interested.