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The Finer Choices for the best Betting Deals

The teams are listed in alphabetical order. There is a player’s injury or suspension date, player position, number of games played, number of goals and assists, and a symbol. This symbol will indicate the uncertainty about whether a player will play or not (? + = Great chances for the player to play,? = Uncertain? – = great chances for the player not to play, – = will not play and will be suspended).

The Extra Options

The little extra of 먹튀검증 Betinf is found in providing additional information about the teams. For example, we can find there the reasons for the absence of certain players, the possible transfers of the teams, etc.

In addition, it is possible to obtain the list of injured and suspended for other major sports and competitions such as the NBA, NFL, NHL , etc.

However, there are also negative points:

It is entirely in English so you need to have some knowledge. For football, only the injured or suspended lists of the 5 major championships (Premier League, Ligue 1, Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga) are accessible.

Why should you always take a look at this list before you bet?

Wagering money on a match without knowing about any absent players is like playing blind, hoping that the result will be positive, except that in most cases, the result is not as expected. Before betting on this or that meeting, make sure you have checked the names of the injured and suspended. One or two absences can have a big influence on a team’s game. Your bet will therefore also be affected.

For example, if the defense of a team is almost decimated by injuries (3 out of 4 defenders are not there), it is a safe bet that this team will have trouble not conceding a goal. Likewise, if a team’s featured attacker is suspended, that same team may have more difficulty finding their way to the net.

Let’s move on to a more concrete example and will you understand better?

  • A concrete example to better understand the impact of the injured and suspended. Take for example the Nice – Troyes match which took place on Friday 11 August 2017 as part of the 2nd day of Ligue 1.
  • The OGC Nice was widely favored and it is quite logical since it is still the promoted Troyes who was on the move. The Nice rating was also at 1.45 on average across all bookmakers.
  • Final score: 1-2 . It was therefore the Trojans who imposed themselves on the Allianz Riviera.
  • Is there a “logical” explanation for this defeat for OGC Nice? Let’s take a look at the injured side:

Injured nice betinfo

The 2 midfielders V. Esseyric and W. Cyprien as well as the 2 attackers M. Le Bihan and M. Balotelli were absent due to injury.