Friday, April 12, 2024

Tennis Bets and More Online With Best Winning Choices

If we consider the best tennis strategies, then we cannot ignore betting on aces. It is one of the most common and affordable. The tactic is easy to use but at the same time requires working with a lot of statistical information. The ace itself is a point earned right away. Most bookmakers allow you to place bets on them, and experienced cappers make money on this.

Here, bettors are required to study the statistics of each tennis player by aces. As a rule, in the next game, the indicator will be close to its average value for all time. For a more accurate assessment, it is worth considering the physical form and the first serve percentage. In addition, you need to take into account the number of double errors. According to this indicator, a tennis player has a total above average, which means that he performs much more aces. Choose the Seputargol in this case now.

Exact score

It is clear that the odds for favourites are pretty low, and it is impractical to place bets on such small quotes. As a result, many bettors began to flirt with the exact score, betting at 2: 0. The odds for such a bet are already becoming attractive, and the chances that the favourite will finish the meeting “dry” are pretty high.

The tactics are simple enough, so they are popular. On the other hand, to profit from it, you must adhere to the following points:

  • You need to find a bookmaker that has a low margin. Because you need to get the opportunity to play the favourite at the most profitable quotes
  • Get acquainted with the statistics of a tennis player. If he is not in his best shape, then it is better to skip the event.
  • Check out the coverage. The dirt track will likely perform worse on grass.
  • The odds per favourite should not exceed 1.5


It is not always easy to predict the specific winner in tennis. Therefore, many live tennis betting strategies are focused on the draws in the games. One of three financial models is used for this tactic:

After a loss, the amount of the bet increases in such a way as to compensate for the losses and make a profit;

Less risky option

Here the amount of the bet increases by a small percentage after each victory and decreases after each defeat;

There is another safe option

In this case, you need to allocate a fixed percentage to the rates. After increasing the pot by a quarter, you can increase the size of the bet, but it will correspond to the same ratio.

Last Words

In addition to the exact score in the match, there is an option to play it for a game. For tactics, the position 40-40 is chosen since it is often found in equal fights. Usually, the strategy uses catch-up with an increase in the rate, but here you can select the most convenient financial model for yourself. The main thing is that there are about three or four games in which the score 40-40 has not yet been recorded.