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Singapore 4D Result: Why We Should Use It


In May 1986, the initial drawing of Singapore 4D got conducted. It was also the year that Singapore Pools introduced a computerized game system, a piece of technology that was important in the growth. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, there held regular drawings for Singapore 4D Result. The game’s structure is unique compared to that of other lotteries. The awards are also affected by a flexible bet structure. Continue reading this guide for more information. Singapore isn’t the only place where the 4D idea (four-digits) gets used.

Is it possible to play Singapore 4D online?

It is a game that has got played for over three decades. Furthermore, Singapore Pools is a government-regulated institution that ensures fairness and accuracy. Singapore Pools is a government-owned corporation that gets founded in 1968. It is Singapore’s only authorized lotteries operator. In addition to Singapore 4D, Singapore Pools’ portfolio includes Toto and Singapore Sweep.

Singapore Pools is also the sole legal bookmaker in the country. There are such options in online betting Singapore 4D, but they do come with limits.

How Do I Play Singapore 4D?

To play Singapore 4D, you must select a four-digit number between 0000 and 9999. You must wager a minimum of one Singapore dollar on the number. Because flexible betting possibilities are available, this is where things get a little more tricky. A big bet, a little bet, an ordinary entry, and a system entry are the four sorts of 4D bets.

Anyone who makes a large wager will be eligible for a prize if their number appears in one of the five prize categories. Small bettors will win whenever their number comes in the top three prize tiers.


When a player chooses an ordinary entry, the 4-digit number must match any of the winning digits in the exact order to win money. An entry allows participants to opt for four digits and bet on any available orders. A system bet boosts your chances of winning, but it also raises the cost of playing Singapore 4D. The system entry fee is $24 for 24 combinations of four digits. The minimal amount to enter the system is $4.

Prizes and Winning Chances

The highest Singapore 4D prize has a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning. While the top reward isn’t large, the odds are incredible compared to other national lotteries. The winning sum gets determined by the type of wager and the division to which the given number belongs. There will be a betting reward of 2,000 dollars and a minor bet award of 3,000 dollars for a one-dollar stake. People that wager more money can expect to win more money. There is no data on the highest sum of money ever won in the game’s history. According to unsubstantiated reports, people who wagered large sums have reportedly won over $100,000 in the game. The stake of one dollar, on the other hand, can’t win more than 3,000 dollars.


In addition to the existing top prize, there exist four other reward tiers. The second prize for a one-dollar wager is $1,000 for a large better and 2,000 for a modest gamble. For a high stake, the third reward is 490 dollars. For a modest stake, it is 800 dollars. Only those who placed a large wager will be eligible for the bottom two reward tiers. The sums are $250 and $600, respectively. In Singapore 4D, the total odds of winning a reward are 1 in 435.