Perfect Poker Strategy You Can Depend On

We will present a unique strategy for idn poker, the Short Stack Strategy (SSS). It is based on poker theory and statistics, and is very effective when used under certain conditions. No matter how good your opponents are, they won’t be able to stop you.

Let’s start with the basics of the Short Stack Strategy

What is the 30 buy-in rule?

The trick to online poker is to deal with limits. It doesn’t matter if you start with $ 5, $ 50 or $ 1000. Starting with $ 1000 may save you a few weeks, but nothing more. Bankroll management is the key to success. Without it, you don’t even need to sit at a table.

What is good bankroll management?

  • If you choose a limit that is too low, you are not making the biggest possible profit.
  • If you choose a limit that is too high, you will quickly fail.
  • Your bankroll sets a limit for you.

In poker idn online, it is impossible to always win. There will be times when you just can’t win, and you’re constantly losing money. This is inevitable. All you can do is allocate your budget properly. This also happens to brokers on the stock market, it is not different in poker either.

Things will not always be your way, you will even have to lower your limit. This is part of the game, but in the end the better player wins, but to become a better player you need to know when to slow down and back down. Use the 30 buy-in rule if you want to reach the top:

  • Raise the limit if you have 30 buy-ins for the limit on your account
  • Lower the limit when you have less than 30 buy-ins on the given limit

What is a buy-in?

That’s the amount you put on the table when you start the game. I will explain later how to determine the appropriate amount.


You play NL10 (0.05 / 0.10). When playing the Short Stack Strategy your buy-in should be $ 2.00

The next limit is NL25 (0.10 / 0.25). The buy-in for this level should be $ 5.00.

In order to raise the limit to NL25 on the account with NL10, you need to have 30 * 5.00 $ = 150 $

If things are not going well, you will have to lower the level when there is 30 * 2.00 $ = 60 $ left on the account.

When to play?

Because of your strategy, you will always have relatively few chips in front of you, which is why it is called the Short Stack Strategy. You risk a little money like this, and in order to make a profit, you need opponents with as many chips as possible.

  • You need at least 7 opponents A maximum of 2 opponents is allowed to have a short stack
  • Choose the tables where you play, do not sit at the table if the stated conditions are not met.

Entrance exit

When choosing a table the first question is how much money to play with. Your buy-in depends on the Big Blind.