Friday, April 12, 2024

Online Casino- Look before You Leap

Almost every online casinos now a days offer welcome bonus to new players of idnlive. But before getting too enthusiastic about the offer read carefully the fine print.In earlier days the casino websites did not furnish the terms and conditions of bonuses, and often players used to get trapped in more gambling activities to make a withdraw of their winning. You must remember there is no free lunch; so read the terms and conditions attentively before registration. All casino websites are bound to publish these documents accurately on their websites.

Terms and conditions

Most of the times, the terms and conditions include a clause which only permits you to withdraw only if you gamble three times over the full amount. For an example if you receive a bonus of $100, you need to wager $300, at least to withdraw any winning amount. Some even add a clause which makes withdrawal permissible only after nine times of the full amount. Other conditions attached to fine print includes game exception and expiration date, the bonus may be applicable to slot or roulette and expires after seven days of the issuing date. A trusted reputed casino websites like idnlive offers bonuses which you can use over variety of games  and have prolonged validity often stretches several months.

Casino bonus

Casino bonuses are used as promotional act by online casino websites to attract and engage in wagering pursuit in that specific website. It is a value added service, but before you avail it, you must have an in depth knowledge on it. Casino bonus always have good or bad effects on the end result, it depends how you use it. If a casino website offers welcome bonus of $100, then you account would be credited with same amount after fulfilling of certain conditions. You have some extra buck to start on. You can earn bonus on different ways; when you first sign you can avail welcome bonus, when you refer a friend or others in the website then they provide you certain points. Some websites offer loyalty bonus if you endure to wager in for certain period of time on the specific website. Study the casino bonus pages carefully to get benefitted with the best offers.

The best kind of bonus is match up bonus. In this scheme of bonus you can get equal or greater than the initial deposit you make on the casino website. Loyalty and referral bonuses are usually smaller than welcome or sign up bonus as you are already an existing customer.

How to claim your bonus

The bonus is credited in your account, but you cannot withdraw it immediately. If this would the case then all eligible players with bonus would withdraw the entire amount without playing a single game. You receive the bonus only after you deposit the stipulated sum of money on the website. Sometimes the sum of bonus is determined by the initial deposit, otherwise it is calculated on bonus gained at the casino website.