Friday, April 12, 2024

Know The Carrom Rules Well To Avoid Unnecessary Fouls

Carrom is an exciting game that involves a simple set of regulations. It involves an awesome display of skills, amazing accuracy, and the game can turn out to be really exhilarating to play. The aim of the players is to send the carrom men to any of the four pockets before their opponents, while avoiding unnecessary fouls. Nowadays, you can even play real money carrom online.

A carrom board has a number of circles, lines, and arrows, such as the foul lines, straight lines, and baselines. The foul lines go along the diagonals, while the baselines are there at the edge of the board. The players have to position their striker inside these lines at the time of playing to avoid fouls. Given below are the ten situations in the game where you can be penalized.

1. Sending the striker to the pocket

When you are playing real money carrom, make sure not to send your striker to the pocket in place of the carrom men. In this particular scenario, the violator needs to return a piece from the pieces that he has pocketed, and keep it in the center to finish the turn.

2. Pocketing your opponent’s carrom men

A player should not pocket the carrom men of his opponent, instead of pocket his own ones. This foul is called the improper stroke, which gets penalized in a similar manner as stated above.

3. The striker or carrom men falls off the board

After you take the stroke, either the carrom men or the striker falls off the board. If you do this in a real money carrom game, you will have to sacrifice your turn and place that grounded striker or piece back on the board. The piece is kept right in the center, and the turn goes to the opponent.

4. Pocketing the last carrom man of the opponent

If a player sends the last carrom man of his opponent to the pocket, he gets penalized with the loss of the board and three points. The pocketed piece is kept right in the center, and the turn goes to the opponent.

5. Pocketing the queen and an opponent’s piece

When the player pockets the red queen but covers it with a piece of his opponent, it is considered a foul. In this case, the red queen is brought out of the pocket and kept at the center. Furthermore, a carrom man of the offender gets taken out and kept in the center because of the penalty.

6. Pocketing the last carrom man before the red queen

A player is supposed to pocket the last carrom man after the red queen in real money carrom. In this case, the player gets penalized with three points and the piece or board that he has pocketed last, along with a penalty piece, gets returned to the center.

7. Touching any carrom men with the player’s hands

Either unknowingly or knowingly, when the player touches any carrom man with his hands or some other body part. Based on the rules, you can touch the carrom men only using the striker.

8. Inability to break the carrom men cluster

In case you are the first server, during your first turn, you cannot miss to break the carrom men cluster in the first three tries.

9. Violation of the rules during the strokes

When the player violates any rule at the time of making the strokes, they will be penalized as per the rules that have been stated above.

10. Pushing the striker using your finger

While making a stroke, the player is supposed to flick the striker with the finger instead of pushing it. You are not supposed to push the striker on the carrom board. Your turn might get cancelled if you push the striker with your fingers.

End note

It is worth mentioning in this regard that many of the violations are unintended in carrom. They are not really under the player’s control and happen by chance. You will have to be extra careful about not breaking any rules of the game. Following all the rules mentioned above will help in making sure that you don’t lose any points while playing.