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Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal?

Online betting is a popular entertainment in Singapore and other countries. In addition, it lets bettors place bets on football matches, horse races, and 4D Toto. However, their selections are significantly smaller than those provided by sportsbooks.

Gambling in Singapore is regulated under the Gambling Control Act. The government has sole authority over online casino gaming licenses, which allows it to monitor and control gambling activity closely. The government also prohibits gambling in all other forms. 

However, the only online gambling service legally permitted in Singapore is Singapore Pools, which has a legal license. The following conditions make it illegal to gamble in Singapore. 

  • Public Gambling
  • Online social gambling and gambling from outside  Singapore Pools
  • Gaming through unlicensed providers
  • Underage Betting

Anybody caught operating an illegal gambling place or gambling site will be punished. 

Singapore Pools has no casino games. Therefore, they offer fewer betting options than other online casinos and sportsbooks. Bettors who place online bets must only gamble through licensed casinos and provider sites. They should also look for a trustworthy Singapore casino.

Because gambling in Singapore is illegal, the risk lies with the bettor and not the offshore operator. It would be better to look for a licensed online betting Singapore platform to begin betting since many scammers are running fake casinos online.

CM2Bet is a CMDBet gaming agent located in Singapore, which Cagayan Economic Zone licensed. Moreover, CM2Bet, an Allbet agent, has a license issued by First Cagayan and certification from Gaming Laboratories International. It is a trusted online casino Singapore that allows you to win real cash without being scammed.

Besides these, CM2Bet is a great site that offers similar Singapore Pools’ soccer odds. It also provides a variety of casino games, such as blackjack and baccarat, in Singapore.

To know more, here is an infographic from CM2Bet

Is Gambling in an Online Casino in Singapore Legal