Friday, April 12, 2024

Essential Choices for the Best of Poker for You Now

A good basic guide to raising is to raise to the unopened table (when no one else has entered the pot and it is your turn) to raise 3-4x the big blind. If, on the other hand, someone is limping in, you will add another blind to your raise. In two-player limp you add 3-4x to your raise by two blinds, etc. For example, with blinds of $ 0.5 / $ 0.10 and one-player limp you can raise $ 0.50 (4x isoblind + 1 limiter = $ 0.40 + $ 0.10).

If you have been raised before and find the cards in your hand that you should raise again, raise your opponent about 4 times. In case of the QQ poker this is important.

Things to note in the end

So this is a kind of guide for the beginner. There is no one right strategy that works in a situation like a situation. However, it is important for the player to know a few basic things, such as why they are raised, how much to raise, etc. so that they understand and can read the game better. So this article discusses some kind of beginner’s basic game in pre-flop (before the flop is dealt).

When the flop is split, the situation is slightly different again depending on, for example, how many players called your raise, whether the flop hit you, etc.

So now you can play without your own risk, so what’s more fun?

It’s a good idea to play a € 5,000 freeroll at least on Sundays. It always starts at 7:00 pm on Sundays, so be sure to mark the start time on your calendar.

In addition, several tournaments are played daily, including a € 500 prize pool tournament.

You can find all the freerolls under “Scheduled Tournaments”> “Freeroll”

From here on to NordicBet a € 25 bonus + 30% rakeback or 100% poker bonus up to € 1000 + 30% rakeback, of your choice.

Challenge Amin Asikainen – Thursday $ 100 Bounty Prize

It’s a good idea to be awake on Thursday, with a rock hard set of challenge tournaments running at NordicBet’s poker tables. Amin Asikainen challenges you to 10 battles. In addition to the stunning prize pool, every Thursday’s tournament will feature a special prize of € 100 for the one who sleeps Amin Asikainen! In a man’s boxing career, this was easier said than done, and now we see how Amin does in the poker ring.

A guest familiar with the Dancing With the Stars program will be challenged every Thursday night in their title event. You can find the tournament in the NordicBet poker software. The tournament will be played on Thursdays at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise stated.

€ 10,000 Summer Race

Participating in the race is easy, so don’t miss this opportunity. All you have to do is create at least € 200 worth of rake during July and you will qualify for the $ 10,000 final.

The more you rocket during July, the more chips you get for the start of the finals:

  • $ 200 – $ 299 2,500 chips
  • $ 300 – $ 499 5,000 chips
  • $ 500 – $ 999 7,500 chips
  • € 1,000 or more with 10,000 chips