Friday, April 12, 2024

Do you want to earn money by playing Keno?   

 Three things you need to know about Keno

Statistics show that 26% of the world population gamble. Among all the casino games, newbies and low budget gamblers mostly prefer Keno. If you are new to gambling and want to play Keno, here are some details which you should know.

How to play?

You need to choose numbers between 1 and 80, both included. Most casinos allow you to choose 1 to 10 numbers. However, some casinos have the option to choose 12 or 15 numbers. 20 numbers are selected randomly from the 80 numbers. How much you earn is determined by different factors. Some of them are how many of your numbers match the winning numbers and the wager you place. Another important criterion is the total count of numbers you choose.

The probability of getting all numbers right is close to 0. Therefore, it is practically impossible to correctly guess all the numbers. You should focus on getting as many numbers as correct as possible.

3 reasons behind the popularity of Keno

Many gamblers try to avoid the game as the pay-outs are not high. However, it is still preferred by a lot of low budget gamblers and newbies. These are the 3 reasons for that.

  1. It is very easy to learn how to play. The rules of the game are very simple. This makes it popular among newbies. You can easily learn the game and earn money. Many players start with Keno and shift to other high paying games.
  2. Another advantage is the variety that Keno offers. There are different types of Keno games to choose from. Two very popular ones are straight bets and way bets. In straight bets, you can choose a maximum of 15 numbers against 20 randomly chosen numbers. In way bets, you wager on a group of numbers. This one is tricky as expected. However, it has the advantage of offering you low but consistent money. Some other types of Keno games popular among freshers are split bets and combination bets.
  3. The game doesn’t require you to have special skills. Since the 20 numbers are selected randomly, you don’t have a way to make predictions. Making money from Keno is purely based on luck. This makes it popular among beginners who don’t have sufficient skills. However, as they progress in their gambling journeys, they choose games where they have maximum control.

How to maximize earnings?    

Keno is a game based on luck. You have no control over the numbers chosen by the house. However, there are certain strategies that you can adopt to increase earnings.

  1. Different casinos have different pay-outs. Choose the ones which offer you maximum money.
  2. More numbers you choose, more are the odds of matching with the winning numbers. You might expect to increase your earnings by choosing more numbers. But, more the number of wrong guesses you make, lesser is your earnings. There should be a balance between both. 5-8 numbers make a good guess.

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