Friday, April 12, 2024

Choosing the Right Strategies for the Right Bets

If the bettor decides to make money on such a strategy, in the process of choosing a match, he needs to take into account:

  • team motivation
  • the presence of injuries of the main players
  • composition
  • To reduce the risk, you can use the handicap on the outsider

Total Over (TB) in Football (Team Analysis)

  • Using the TB rate on the example of the German Bundesliga match between Cologne and Bayern.
  • According to statistics, in 25 matches Cologne scored 39 goals, Bayern Munich 73, which is an average of 1.5 goals and 2.92 goals per game. The total average total of the teams is 2.21. At the same time, Cologne did not have a single game with a score of 0: 0, while Bayern had one goalless draw in 25 games. The opponents are clearly unequal in strength, so it is unlikely to expect a score of 0: 0, 1: 1 or a victory by one or two goals from the match.

At home, 은꼴 Cologne scores an average of 1.5 goals, Bayern away 3 goals. Based on this, it would be possible to bet 3.5 TB and win, since the match really turned out to be productive and ended with a score of 1: 4.

Total under (TM) in football (example of match selection)

The live tactic is long-term with a total return in the region of 80%. You can achieve a similar result by following the rules:

  • Do not bet on friendly matches and matches with a clear favorite and an outsider.
  • Make a bet after 30 minutes of play.
  • Always bet on TM, guided by the formula: the number of goals scored by the 30th minute + 1.5.
  • In case of a red card or injury to the main player, be sure to close the bet.

Total under 0.5

Bet on a strong-willed victory of the favorite

The strategy is used in matches in which the favorite misses the first goal, thereby increasing the odds for his victory. The bet on the losing team is based on the expectation that the favorite will “snatch the victory” from the outsider.

Oscar Grind’s strategy

When playing this strategy, the following conditions must be met:

  • select the minimum coefficient for an event not less than 2.
  • to double the amount of the bet in case of a win, in case of loss, put the initial amount.
  • return to the original bet value after a series of two wins.
  • complete the cycle after reaching the target profit.

Important! What are the most common betting strategies in football? The strategy can be any, the main thing is to stick to it and not bet on all matches in a row.

Dogon, or Martingale

When catching up, the subsequent bet after a loss is doubled. when winning, it decreases to its original size. Betting on this strategy is recommended for the same team.

Time Match Betting Strategy

The strategy has several options:

  • bet on the favorite to win in the first half and the match as a whole (W1 / W1).
  • draw in the first half and victory of the favorite in the match (N / A1).
  • home win in the first half and draw in the match (W1 / N).
  • draw in the first half and draw in the match (N / N).
  • victory of guests in the first half and a draw in the match (W2 / N).