Monday, April 15, 2024

Checking reputation online and Your Choices

We can then check their reputation, by searching Google and seeing player on their opinion and if there are complaints. You can make use of URL parsers. On the other hand, as in casinos and betting houses you play with real money, it would not hurt to take into account the recommendations of our recent post on payment methods (3DSecure, PayPal), that is, to know where the card or checking account data, who can see or store it and what security mechanisms do they offer.

Be careful with what is downloaded

It is also frequent that if we want to play we have to make a download or allow our dominoqq browser to accept java or flash. In the first case we will have to have some precautions with what we download. In the second, java and flash, are two components of the browser that suffer frequent security updates. It is best to always have the browser updated and if we use java or flash always have the latest security updates installed.

Finally, whenever you have to give your personal information and more if it is bank information:

  • Check that the website uses the https protocol (encrypts communications)
  • checks if the page certificate is issued by a trusted third party
  • Read the privacy policy, the use of cookies and the conditions of service offered by the website (usually in the footer)
  • Check where conflicts are resolved if any (don’t deal with remote sites or don’t understand the language)
  • look for references and rankings (online reputation)
  • avoid using public computers if you have to carry out transactions involving bank cards
  • during the process, provide only the information that is absolutely essential

Like betting, in 2010 we spent 27,000 million euros in casinos

Casino games are all the rage and this is demonstrated by the huge amount of money wagered by players. In Spain, an annual game report is made, which analyzes the data from 2010 and leaves truly amazing results. Although the numbers cannot hide that the crisis has also reached the sector, with declines of 9.2% compared to 2009.

The report made by the Ministry of the Interior says that in Spain in 2010 the amount wagered amounted to 27,339 million euros. The profits obtained by the bettors are not negligible either, approximately 18,000 million euros.

If we want to know what the companies that offer this type of games have won, we only have to subtract, around 9,300 million euros.

The Right Options

That is, the organizing entities take more or less 34% of the amounts wagered. In addition, in recent times the number of bettors who do so through the network is continuously growing. More and more people prefer to spin the roulette by hitting the enter button on their computer, before going to a physical casino, or those who go to online slots on any page more than those who go down to the bar and accompany their rod with a few coins, strawberries, cherries and other fruit players.

However, although the number of supporters increases without remission and the figures previously exposed may surprise, it is even more incredible to know that the amounts wagered and won have been declining since 2008.

Specifically, in 2010, 9.20% less was played than in 2009

Other types of games, those controlled by State Lotteries and Gambling, have also had negative results, and that is that the crisis reaches all places and all pockets, although some more than others, the game managed by the State it has suffered a decrease of 2.56%.