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Advanced poker strategies to stand out from the average

Do you play poker online but you do not win? Are you a regular player, want to develop advanced poker strategies? Going through a few tables and having fun playing is not the same as developing advanced poker strategies to excel. Some of these elaborate strategies to win at Texas Holdem poker are well known and you should start practicing them if your intention is not to be a simple ‘fisher’ and start fighting in tournaments.

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Advanced Poker Strategies: The Continuation Bet

In situs idn poker, you will not win only if you bet only when you have good hands. It is impossible, because in the long term you will not have enough. However, this does not mean that you always have to bluff. In this limbo, we find the continuation bet, one of the advanced poker strategies with which we will continue to attack once the flop has come out, even if we have not hit.

A practical example – We have AK and we raise pre-flop, the big blind calls us and we are alone. Low cards come out between the first three cards. It is not bluffing, as we probably still have the strongest high card hand. Another function of this online poker strategy is to prevent your rival from pursuing your plans. That is, if it has four hearts and we make the pot more expensive, we will prevent it from wiping us out with a flush.

Lock bet

This type of bet differs from a continuation bet in that we are probably not ahead. In both we do not have a winning hand and we do not have position, but they are slightly different. Well, in the blocking bet, we will probably go behind, but we bet first to prevent a superior bet from the opponent. If we have hands like 9-10 and on the flop, we see 8-JA with four hearts, after holding a slight raise from the big blind. One option would be to check to see if the fifth card comes out, but it is much smarter to make a small raise. Probably the opponent has the A, which will prevent him from making a big bet, since the light pre-flop bet reveals that the A is not very well accompanied or that he has a pair of figures without A.

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Check-raise: a double-edged sword

It is the online poker strategy to kill aggressive players. In this sense, it would be similar to the check-call, but when we do not have a monster, simply a hand with which we will go ahead of our rival. Ultimately, we seek to substitute a value bet that perhaps our opponent would not call for a check-raise. We will look for your bluff having shown weakness with the check.

These agen idnpoker strategies are not foolproof and may well not work. Even advanced players can fail, as these strategies are designed to counteract each other, and even if you apply one, you do not know which one the opponent will apply. The truth is that learning to control them will maximize your chances of success.