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How Guns in Casino Security Guards’ Hand Affects the Gambling Industry

Guns and casinos are a bad combination. The presence of guns in the casino is not only illegal, but it also makes people wary of playing in the casinos. The presence of guns can also lead to accidental shootings, which...


Can you cash out money on free slots?

In general, gamblers CANNOT cash out winnings from a free slots game. However, they can withdraw the agen joker profits derived from it. In fact, some online casinos use free games instead of cash-back programs. Slot players accumulate points as...


Turkey Gambling & Online Betting Sites Guide

Whilst Turkey currently remains a secular state, the influence of Islam can still be seen within the government's stance towards gambling. The country, which was once home to a thriving casino industry, has now largely banned gambling altogether its forms,...


Our Ratings and Reviews 

Our intention with our on-line blackjack web page scores become to make your lifestyles as easy as possible. Of course, first and important in our scores for every web page is a study the blackjack services there. Do the video...

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